Advanced Workshopof
Intrauterine Systems

The Advanced Workshop of Intrauterine Systems provides a practical introduction to this advanced procedure. The workshop will give you a step by step guide to the procedure and valuable insight into the safety guidelines you need to know to avoid complications. You will learn what equipment is necessary to achieve the best outcomes for your patients, with the opportunity to practise on simulated models. This workshop will also demonstrate how to plan patient counselling with an analysis of patient case scenarios. It will enable you to seriously consider this advanced procedure for your practice. If you decide to undertake further clinical training for this highly sought-after service, referrals to clinical trainers are available.

Please note: The advanced workshop can be completed individually or as stage 3 of the Advanced Certificate of Clinical Procedures.

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23 May 2021

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21 November 2021

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Certification and Accreditation

Upon successful completion of the course requirements, course participants will receive a Certificate and RACGP/ACRRM points.

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