Advanced Certficate of
Dermoscopy for Dermatology

The Advanced Certificate of Dermoscopy for Dermatology may be taken as an alternative step after completing the beginner courses in the HealthCert General Dermatology or Dermoscopy pathways. Presented by noted specialists, the online course explores the applications of dermoscopy in diagnosing a range of skin and hair conditions commonly seen in primary care. It course enables medical practitioners to improve dermatological diagnoses in general practice, allowing you to better manage skin and hair presentations and improve patients' outcomes.

You can commence your online studies anytime and all course content will be made available immediately upon enrolment. You can start, study and complete your course anytime, however, depending on the date selected, you will go into one of the three course participant groups. This is relevant for course discussions only.

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Please note: Participants must have completed the Professional Certificate of Dermoscopy or the Professional Certificate of General Dermatology or have similar qualifications.

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