Professional Certificate of
Women's Health

The Professional Certificate of Women’s Health is the first course in the three-part HealthCert Certificate and Professional Diploma program in Women’s Health. Delivered by leading experts in the field, the online course equips medical professionals with a comprehensive understanding of women’s health issues commonly seen in primary care. Exploring medical conditions and concerns pertinent to female patients, the certificate course will enable you to provide high-demand services and better meet your patients’ needs, covering areas such as menstruation, STIs and cervical screening, family planning, PCOS, pregnancy, breastfeeding, menopause, and domestic abuse.

You can commence your online studies anytime and all course content will be made available immediately upon enrolment. You can start, study and complete your course anytime, however, depending on the date selected, you will go into one of the three course participant groups. This is relevant for course discussions only.

Enrolment options

The three-part online program consists of the Professional Certificate of Women’s Health, Advanced Certificate of Women’s Health, and Professional Diploma of Women’s Health. Please select the appropriate boxes below to enrol in one, two or all three courses at once, or to upgrade to the next level if you have already completed one or two courses in this pathway.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Professional Certificate of Women's Health course consists of two parts covering eight modules. The first four modules are delivered by Sonic HealthCare and upon completion you will receive the Foundation Certificate (part 1). The last four modules are delivered by HealthCert Education and upon completion you will receive the university quality assured Professional Certificate (part 2). By completing your registration below, you will be automatically enrolled in both parts and will receive two separate enrolment confirmation emails by Sonic HealthCare and by HealthCert Education on how to complete the respective modules within part 1 and part 2.

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