Skin Cancer Surgery Masterclass

Skin Cancer Surgery has gained more and more interest in recent years as a sub-specialty of its own, given it overlaps with many traditional specialties like plastic surgery, dermatology, general practice, general surgery, and otolaryngology. However, with the advent of dermoscopy, and increasing dermato-pathology knowledge, we now realise that in the context of skin cancer surgery as a sub-specialty, it goes beyond merely cutting out skin cancers – but includes the whole gamut of skin imaging for diagnosis, planning surgery, margin control, reconstructive techniques, and adjuvant therapies such as radio- and immuno-oncology.

The Skin Cancer Surgery Masterclass will cover ‘tips and techniques’ from renowned skin cancer surgeons, collegial discussions, and presentations on reconstructive surgery conundrums. There will also be sessions on dermatopathology, radiation-oncology, biostatistics, and haematology – showcasing recent advances, everyday patient management issues, practical perspectives, and ideas to improve our clinical skin cancer practice.

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16 - 18 November 2017

Auckland University of Technology

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